Race Boost Playlist

As I mentioned in my Kentucky Derby miniMarathon report, I have a fun playlist that I like to put on at the end of races to help me to the finish line.

I don’t usually listen to music during races, unless they are completely rural or I just otherwise need something to focus on. For the Oak Barrel Half at the beginning of the month, Jonathan put together a two hour long playlist for me, which I listened to until it ran out and then I put my boost playlist on for the final stretch.

It’s 27 minutes long, so it’s good for about the last 2.5-3 miles of whatever I’m running. Enjoy!

Winter 2014 Running Playlist

Here’s what I’ve been running to lately! You’ll notice that several of these are at a slower tempo than the last playlist I posted, but reach more of a crescendo towards the end. Those are the ones I like to progressively speed up during.