Five for Friday

  1. I got a few running related things for Christmas. My parents got me some lights to attach to my shoes for when I run at night, a new fuel belt (specifically with a key attachment because of all the times I lost my keys while running last year…), and several SweatyBands. I also received a Lululemon gift card from Jonathan’s parents, so I bought a new top and winter hat. Yay, new stuff! I haven’t gotten to try any of it out yet though, except for the SweatyBands.
  2. Other things I got for Christmas include Tales of Zesteria on PS4 (we are about 10 hours in, playing co-op) and a pair of diamond and rose gold earrings from Jonathan, a comfy new Predators sweatshirt from his parents, a cute new blue top from my BFF, and wine from my niece (it makes me feel ancient that my niece is old enough to buy wine).
  3. Like everyone else in the country, we binge watched “Making a Murderer” over the holidays. Without giving much away if you haven’t seen it, I will just say that I think it’s crazy and the kid got the worst.
  4. Also like everyone else, we saw “Star Wars”. I liked it and am already planning my Rey cosplay.
  5. I occasionally stop at McDonald’s in the morning for a chicken biscuit and coffee. The girl who regularly works the drive-through window in the morning has started calling me Anne because for some reason she thinks I look like Anne Hathaway. I don’t see it, but I’ll take it.
  6. anne hathaway

Five for Friday

Sometimes there’s things running and non-running related that I might like to write about, but don’t deserve a full post. I’ll put those things here.

  1. I somehow talked Jonathan into running the Country Music Rock ‘n’ Roll Nashville Half with me in April. I think he already regrets it.
  2. We just got back from a four day cruise to the Bahamas. We ate like kings (ask Jonathan about the filet mignon) and survived renting a car on Grand Bahama Island and driving on the wrong side of the road.
  3. gold rock beach

    The end result was worth it – we had Gold Rock Beach all to ourselves!

  4. I ran once while on the cruise, so I’m averaging about once a week at the moment. My leg does feel better, though, so I expect to start ramping that up soon.
  5. While on the cruise, we did not gain all the weight back that we lost on the 21 Day Fix, just some of it. I will eventually get around to posting the results, but we mostly gave up at the end and didn’t even take after photos.
  6. nassau port

  7. I can’t believe Christmas is a week away. I’m only half done with shopping, and the outside of the house has just one sad strand of lights over the garage because Target ran out of the lights we need to finish it.