Week of 4/29/13 – 5/5/13

I was on a business trip to Boise, Idaho, last week, so I didn’t have a lot of days I could run.

activity for the week of 4/29/13 to 5/5/13

I managed to squeak in almost 3.5 miles on Monday morning before the conference got started. This involved me doing both days 1 and 2 of week 5 of Couch to 10k. I averaged 13:04 min/mile, which is slow to average for me. My best mile was mile 1 at 12:49 min/mile.

Tuesday and Wednesday I was too busy with the conference to even fit in time for a mile run, but Thursday before I flew back to Nashville, I did a long run of nearly 6.4 miles along Boise’s Greenbelt (which is beautiful). I did intervals of 2:30 jogging, 1:00 walking the entire time, with just two slightly extra longer walk breaks around 2.5 and 4.5 miles. I averaged 12:48 min/mile. Mile 5, amazingly, was my best, coming in at 12:01 min/mile. I usually am exhausted by the end of my long runs, but I felt great after this one! I set my 10k training PR (although only my second 10k+ run) at 1:19:22.

On Sunday, I did Couch to 10k week 5 day 3, which consisted of 2.5 miles and an average pace of 12:47. My best mile was my second at 12:19 min/mile.

Overall, not a bad week of training!

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