I’m officially nuts.

Yesterday I was reading some running blogs and articles, as I normally do. I saw something mentioned about the Walt Disney World marathon, and I thought to myself, “Well, if you were going to run a marathon, seems like that would be a good place to do it.” It involves 26.2 miles of running through all four parks and more on the Disney resort. I looked up the website, out of sheer curiosity, to see if they had the course map.

MarathonWeb01Source: RunDisney

And then I signed up for the half marathon.

I knew I wouldn’t possibly be ready for the full thing, and the 10k was already sold out. The half marathon was 99% full (and two hours after I signed up, it was sold out as well). So I bit the bullet. Apparently I will be running a half in January. (Although 13.1 miles filled with princesses and characters and running through castles can’t be too bad, right?)

I realize that I can barely run a 5k. And a half marathon is over four times as long. But eight months seems like plenty of time to train. The Galloway training plan listed on Disney’s site shows a 19 week training plan, so as soon as I finish my 10k training (I’m on week seven out of fourteen), I’ll get started with that!

Also, it seems a lot of people run in semi-costume. Yes, that’s right. I get to mix cosplay (which I love) and running! But who should I be…? And who’s coming to cheer me on?

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