Stretching those hip flexors!

I had to run just a little bit last week when I went on a hunt for a new pair of running shoes. It mainly involved running for about 30 seconds in each pair of shoes I tried on, but I could immediately still feel my hip injury whenever I took off.

So I decided I should probably do what I had been putting off during my rest time: stretch my hip flexors.

Besides the butterfly, I didn’t really know any good hip stretches, so I took to Pinterest. I found these videos, which I really like:

It feels like the stretches are helping (as far as I can tell without actually running). Anyone have any other good recommendations?

4 thoughts on “Stretching those hip flexors!

    • Thanks! Those look great! Oddly enough, when I stretch my hips, it’s my right side that pops, even though it’s my left side that’s injured, haha. Do you have any good tips for foam rolling the hips? I try to do it, but it’s such an awkward location.

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