Race Bucket List

There are times I come across races that I think would just be awesome to do at some point in my running career. Most of them I couldn’t do right now because either (a) they require extensive travel or (b) I don’t have the training.

Ragnar Relay

Source: Ragnar Relay

The first race I added to my bucket list was the Ragnar Relay. It’s a relay race with 11 other people where you alternate running about 200 miles. In Tennessee, this means you run from Chattanooga to Nashville. Clearly, this falls into the “I don’t have the training” category. Each runner takes three legs of the distance, ranging from 3-8 miles each. Oh yeah, it takes over 24 hours and you don’t really get to sleep.

When I saw “Spirit of the Marathon 2”, I knew I had to add the Rome marathon to my bucket list. And that got me thinking of how cool it would be to do a marathon in Paris, as well. I pretty much think that if I ever run a marathon, the first one has to be in Europe. It just seems like an awesome way to sightsee!


Source: Facebook

My latest addition is the Seawheeze half marathon in Vancouver. It’s put on by Lululemon, so you get lots of awesome swag, plus yoga and a beach party. And it’s in Vancouver! I may try to do it next August if I can swing the travel costs.

What’s on your running bucket list?

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