Week of 9/2/13 – 9/8/13

week of 8/2/13 to 8/8/13

I did not have a good start to the week. Despite my raving last week about how awesome running is for stress, I had the hardest time motivating myself to get out there on Tuesday. I changed into my running clothes and sat on my couch for a while. When I finally realized it was warmer in my house than it was outside, I got up and walked around a bit. I finally decided I was already out, so I might as well run, but I wasn’t happy about it. As I begrudgingly jogged down the road, forcing myself to keep going, I realized I had bigger problems. With stress, I get some tummy troubles, and I was feeling like I may throw up at any given moment. I tried to sip my water and just keep putting one foot in front of the other, but I quickly realized that wasn’t going to end well. So I walked. I would occasionally try to start up again, but the nausea would come immediately back. Ugh. So I cut my run short.

On Wednesday, I had speed intervals scheduled. I knew I needed to get out there, since it was my last planned run before the relay on Saturday. I picked a hillier route than the week before, and overall I did about as well. My fastest speed interval was at an 8:37 pace (the week before my fastest was an 8:28 pace). By the time I finished, the sun had set, which reminded me that it was starting to get dark earlier and that I’ll have to be hitting the treadmill more soon. Boo!

With Thursday and Friday as rest days, I woke up bright and early for the relay. By bright and early, I mean the sun rose while I was driving there. Yawn. It was super fun, though! If you haven’t already, you can read my recap. We finished our marathon in 5:08, and I averaged around an 11:30 pace, despite the awful hill. Strava says I broke records on my 1k (5:16), half mile (4:12), and one mile (8:48) times! And, oh yeah, I was second shooting a wedding for eight hours after that. I could barely stand the next day, but it was worth it! Our team name (Aching Bad) was definitely spot on for me.

I have a three 3 mile-ish runs planned this week, and then next week half marathon training starts! *cue nail biting*

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