Week of 9/23/13 – 9/29/13: WDW Half Training, Week 2

week of 9/23/13 to 9/29/13
I’m not even going to pretend like this was a good week. I was supposed to run a total of 12.5 miles, and I ended up coming up 5 miles short (and probably only half of my mileage was actual running).

My first run was supposed to be on Tuesday before I got on a plane to head back to Nashville from Seattle. But I woke up not feeling it and chose to spend my last few hours hanging out with my friends and packing.

Wednesday I spent the day in Atlanta, so there was no time for making up Tuesday’s run.

On Thursday I was supposed to do two miles, but I went climbing instead. (Yay, crosstraining! That counts for something, right?)

Although my head wasn’t into it, I was going to make up those two miles on Friday. (I may have been trying to make up excuses about my arms being sore, but those don’t work for running). However, I got stuck in traffic and didn’t get home until after sunset, so no excuse necessary. (I really need to start my gym membership.) So I got a pizza and slothed around instead.

On Saturday, despite being completely sore from climbing on Thursday (legs included this time), I did head out to do my 4.5 mile long run. When I found myself walking less than half a mile in, I knew it wasn’t going to be a good run. I had been short on sleep the whole week, so I slept in instead of getting up early when it was cooler. So it was 85 or so by the time I got out there. Big mistake. My legs were stiff and sore. And my head was playing mental games the whole time. I forced myself to do the whole 4.5 miles, but I did walk a great deal of it. And I didn’t enjoy it.

Sunday was the Zombie Run. I was doing it with my friends Lauren and Chris, neither of whom run, so I suspected I’d be walking a bit. And we did. A lot of it was either slow jogging next to them while they were walking, sprinting through the zombies and then waiting on them, or coaxing them to run the downhills. If it had been a timed event, I would have just ran on my own pace, but it was a fun run, so I stuck with them…well, mostly. I did take off the last half mile (although, most of that was spent dodging all the walkers…and by walkers, I mean non-runners, not zombies). I’ll have a full recap of the event up soon!

Am I burnt out on running, two weeks into half marathon training?

2 thoughts on “Week of 9/23/13 – 9/29/13: WDW Half Training, Week 2

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