Week of 10/7/13 – 10/13/13: WDW Half Training, Week 4

The first recovery week of training, which means no long run this week!

Week to 10/7/13 to 10/13/13

I started out on Tuesday still pretty stiff from the week before. After standing at a concert on Thursday night, another on Friday night, shooting a wedding on Saturday, a long run on Sunday, and another concert on Monday night, my legs were dead. It was slow, but I made it through the 3.5 miles with several walk breaks. Then I went to another concert.

The next day I was scheduled for two miles. They were so rough. I was so achy to start with and when I got done, I collapsed on my couch, thinking I would never move again because it was hurting to even lie still. I made myself stretch and foam roll, which helped a bit, but resolved to stay true to recovery week and actually take some time to recover instead of torturing myself with another run on Friday.

Thus, I didn’t run again till The Color Run on Sunday morning. The day before I had shot another wedding, so my right leg in particular was still rather achy. But I knew The Color Run wouldn’t pose a problem, as it’s virtually impossible to run the thing anyway. We had a blast, and I’m happy to report that it seemed to have shaken some of the tiredness out of my legs, so that I may be able to actually start up week five relatively well.

The plan for the coming week is to do 3.5 miles on Tuesday (and then go to another freaking concert), 2 miles of speed work on Thursday, race the Go Commando 5k on Saturday, and then do my long run (going very easy!) on Sunday. This is my last race until the half, which I’m excited about, since I won’t have to worry about those times and how to squeeze them into my training plan anymore (it’s really not ideal to do a race and a long run back to back, but I’ll just take an extra day of recovery next week if I need to).

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