Week of 12/2/13 – 12/8/13: WDW Half Training, Week 12

week of 12/2/13 to 12/8/13

Monday and Wednesday were uneventful thirty minute treadmills runs. Actually, I did 39 minutes on Monday because I was watching “Tangled” on my phone and got carried away during the reprise of “When Will My Life Begin?”. I also did a 12 minute recumbent bike cool-down on Wednesday. I’m beginning to like that thing.

On Thursday, I went to a free giant yoga class at Cannery Ballroom held by Lululemon. Despite me having “yoga” on my calendar for every other Saturday morning for several months now, this was my first real vinyasa yoga class, and I loved it. For the event, they had a DJ playing upbeat holiday tunes and a fireplace projected onto the wall. Plus they had free cookies afterwards, which was awesome! There was a professional photographer too, but I managed to not end up in any photos.

fireside yoga

That blue speck on the far left edge is me.
Photo by Daniel C. White

Saturday was my long run. I was scheduled for six miles, but I needed to go to Sally’s Beauty Supply for some things for my office Christmas party that night. So I decided to run there and back, which was about seven miles. I didn’t do any sort of structured intervals, just ran when I felt like it. It was cold (below 30 with a wind chill of 20 or so), but I felt pretty good on the way there. I managed to do the first mile in 11:54 (take THAT fourteen minute mile treadmill runs), the second mile in 12:30, and the third in 12:45. I was feeling pretty good and contemplating taking off some of the cold weather gear I had on. Halfway through the fourth mile, I arrived at the store, bought some stuff, and headed back out.

I don’t know if I just got unacclimated to the cold that quickly or what, but the way back was miserable. I think I was running against the wind, which made it harder to run and colder. I was FREEZING. I was glad I had decided not to take any of my gear off, but it couldn’t keep me warm. Oh yeah, and it was mostly uphill on the way back. The final three miles back were done in 13:09, 13:45 (I had something in my shoe and had to stop to pluck it out at one point…then it was hard to tie my shoe back with gloved hands so I had to stop and retie it at another point), and 12:18. I’m pretty sure I only managed to pull off that last mile at that speed because I was bribing myself with the hottest shower ever upon returning home. And it was glorious.

I know I complained about the heat during the summer, but I think the cold is worse. Can I have my 90 degree temperatures back?

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