Yet another half marathon training plan!

After the WDW Half on Saturday(!!), the real half training starts! (I may die.) Every year, the East Nasty community does training for the Country Music Half, so I decided this would be a good way to incorporate some of my runs! At first, I planned on doing at least two runs a week with the group, including the long run each week. However, they want you to be able to run 5 miles without walking from the start, which I just can’t do right now (sigh!). So I’m going to do the speed workouts on Thursday nights (marked as 3rd runs below) with them and then maybe a few others, depending on how well I’m progressing. (So, please, no one invite me to do anything on a Thursday night in the next few months. I am easily swayed.)

I also plan on doing at least two runs on my own each week, with the first one usually including strides at the end. Plus I have the Hot Chocolate 15k coming up in February, so that will act as my long run for that week.

My goals for the Country Music Half:

  1. Finish!
  2. Get a PR.
  3. Try my hardest to do it without walking (except through water stops).

All runs are easy runs, unless designated otherwise. Pace times are listed below (and may be very optimistic because I know that’s not my current 5k pace).

Week 1st Run* 2nd Run 3rd Run** 4th Run Long Run
1.13-1.19 rest rest 6x short hill 5mi 5.5mi
1.20-1.26 3mi rest 8x short hill 5mi 6mi
1.27-2.02 3mi rest 2×10 min tempo 5mi 7.5mi
2.03-2.09 3mi rest 20 min tempo 5mi 9mi
2.10-2.16 3mi rest 5x long hill rest Hot Chocolate 15k
2.17-2.23 3mi rest 5x long hill 5mi 8mi
2.24-3.02 3mi rest 30 min tempo 5mi 9.5mi
3.03-3.09 3mi rest 30 min tempo 5mi 11mi
3.10-3.16 3mi rest 6x (800m 5k pace / 400m jog) 5mi 11mi
3.17-3.23 3mi 1mi goal pace 5x (1000m 5k pace / 400m jog) 5mi 12.5mi
3.24-3.30 3mi 2mi goal pace 4x (1200m 5k pace / 400m jog) 5mi 14mi
3.31-4.06 3mi 3mi goal pace 3x (1600m 5k pace / 400m jog) 5mi 12.5mi
4.07-4.13 3mi 4mi goal pace 3x2mi intervals 5mi 15k progressive
4.14-4.20 2mi 5mi goal pace 3mi goal pace 5mi 5mi
4.21-4.27 2mi rest 3mi rest Half marathon!

* 1st Runs will usually incorporate 8 strides at the end.
** 3rd Runs will be done with the East Nasty Half Marathon Training Group.

Pace Times:
Strides: 9:45-10:15 min/mi
5k pace: 10:15-10:45 min/mi
Tempo: 10:45-11:15 min/mi
Goal pace: 11:15-11:45 min/mi
Easy: 12:00-12:30 min/mi
Jog: 13:00+ min/mi

3 thoughts on “Yet another half marathon training plan!

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