Eek, it’s almost race day!

country music half marathon gear

I hope this taper did its job.

Here’s a fun preview of the course. Funny how speeding along in a car makes those hills look like nothing.

If you want to track me, too bad. Competitor Group charges $5 for runner tracking, and I’m cheap. Sorry. You’ll just have to come watch me live.

For those actually venturing out, the recommended viewing locations are:

  • Music Row Roundabout
    Located at mile 2, I should be passing by here between 7:57 and 8:54 am. (Yeah, that’s a large range, but who knows exactly when my corral will start. I’m 35 corrals back.)
  • The Gulch
    Around the 15k mark, so you should expect me between 9:17 and 10:22 am.
  • Farmer’s Market
    Between miles 11 and 12, so expect me between 9:42 and 10:48 am.

The weather is looking good, although possibly a little warm towards my estimated finish time. (Gonna love that 50 degrees starting out, though!) I wish they would call for some more cloud cover as running in full sun, no matter the temperature, is always a little more dehydrating. But it doesn’t look terrible, so hopefully I can pull out my top goal!

One thought on “Eek, it’s almost race day!

  1. I would have given you the $5.00.

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