Hey, where am I?

You may have noticed I haven’t posted recently. That is due to two things:

(a) my knee still hurts, and
(b) I have little motivation.

I have only done three runs since the last I posted, none longer than about 3.5 miles, and they all sucked (mostly due to the freakishly awful humidity, but there were other factors in play as well). You may notice that according to the countdown on the right that I have a race coming up at the end of this week. Yes, yes I do. Yes, I am still going to run it. Yes, I am a little terrified that I won’t be able to make five miles. Yes, I do have some sort of vague (and not entirely smart) plan (that involves tape and Tylenol).

I understand that this race is not supposed to be a big deal, and I should probably skip it instead of risk injuring my knee further. But I have my (stupid) reasons for wanting to run it (and run it well, at that).

I am very thankful this knee issue showed up after the Country Music Half and not before.

2 thoughts on “Hey, where am I?

  1. Ever since I made a doctor’s appointment for my knee, it suddenly stopped hurting, maybe that will help you?

    • Haha, I’ve been thinking of making an appointment with the therapist. She promised to massage it all out if it was still hurting after a couple weeks, but maybe just making the appointment will heal it!

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