Week of 6/16/14 – 6/22/14

week of 6/16/14 to 6/22/14

Monday: Rest day
Tuesday: Rest day
Wednesday: Treadmill ladder workout
Thursday: Rest day
Friday: 3.15 miles (11:40 min/mi average)
Saturday: 11 miles of canoeing (aka, cross training while drinking!)
Sunday: 3.53 miles (11:20 min/mi average)

I was still recovering from Bonnaroo at the beginning of the week, but I managed to make it to the gym on Wednesday. (It’s been in the upper 90s all week. Running outside is not happening.)

I decided to do the following ladder workout (I wrote this out in text and you would be scrolling forever so I decided to make it an ugly graphic):
Treadmill Ladder Workout

My OCD also kicked in and so I actually ran for about 3 minutes right before my cool-down at 5.0 just so I could get an even number of miles.

I also did another ladder-ish treadmill workout on Sunday where I didn’t walk at all. That one felt GREAT, and, bonus, my knee never hurt at all! That’s the first time since the pain started that it hasn’t hurt for a run over 3 miles.

Friday’s run was actually outside in the humidity. Ugh.

Highest weekly mileage in over a month! Ha. I’ve barely run more mileage in this entire month than I did in a week when half marathon training. That’s craziness. My goal is to get up to 15 miles a week (with little to no pain) before I start structured training again.

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