Week of 7/7/14 – 7/13/14: Can I get some cooler weather around here?

week of 7/7/14 to 7/14/14

Monday: 5x400m speed work
Tuesday: rest day
Wednesday: 15 mins of crosstraining; 3 miles (10:26 average pace)
Thursday: rest day
Friday: 3 miles easy (12:28 average pace)
Saturday: rest day
Sunday: 3.86 miles out of 6 miles (12:00 average pace) with another mile or so of mostly walking and some strides that I didn’t record

Not my greatest week.

I cut short a few intervals of my speed work on Monday. My run on Wednesday was supposed to be 10k goal pace steady, but I took several walk breaks. Even Friday’s easy run was a struggle because of the heat (and going sockless), and it took hours afterwards for my heart rate to go back to normal. Sunday’s run I ended up cutting 2 miles short.

Most of this was because nearly all of my runs this week were done in above-90 degree temps. Uggh. It makes it so hard to hit paces and to not take walk breaks, and I end up so dehydrated. But even Wednesday’s run, which was indoors on a treadmill, was rough to get through. I had sweat literally flinging off of me in every direction; I was so happy no one was on the machines next to me!

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