Week of 7/21/14 – 7/27/14

week of 7/21/14 to 7/27/14

Monday: 6x400m speed work
Tuesday: Total Body Cardio from 21 Day Fix
Wednesday: Rest day
Thursday: 4 miles with 2 at goal 10k pace (11:21 average pace)
Friday: 3 miles low heart rate (14:22 average pace)
Saturday: Rest day
Sunday: 6 miles easy (2 miles at 12:48 average outdoors, then 4 miles at 11:02 average on treadmill)

It was a pretty good week! My speed work was strong on Monday; though I did it on the treadmill to avoid the 90 degree temps. The Total Body Cardio workout on Tuesday kicked my butt, so I felt I was too sore to run on Wednesday. (I may have also not wanted to stop playing my Sims game, but we’ll just say it was the soreness.) So I did Wednesday’s run on Thursday instead. It was the same tempo run I had done on Saturday, and, while overall I was slightly slower on each mile, I was still within my goal paces AND I felt much better at the end of it.

Friday I did a lowish heart rate run (although I let my HR get up to 170, instead of keeping it below 150 like I’m supposed to). I found the key to doing this without constantly staring at my watch is just to make sure I solely breathe through my nose. Once I get above 170 bpm, I find myself really really wanting to open my mouth. My average HR for the run was 158, about 10 bpm above where I need it to be for my easy runs.

I got up early on Sunday for my long run, but the heat index was already over 90 at 8am. And then it rose 10 degrees from the time I started until I was 2 miles in. The humidity was so freaking thick. So I stopped. I also wasn’t feeling good. (I may have had a dinner consisting of cake and wine the night before.) So I went home, rested for a bit, then finished the mileage on the treadmill (much easier).

Next week is going to look a lot different since I decided to start LHR training early!

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