Week of 10/27/14 – 11/2/14: #streakfor33, days 13-19

The streak continues…

week of 10/27/14 to 11/2/14

Monday: 3.3 miles (13:22 avg pace)
Tuesday: 4 miles (12:42 avg pace)
Wednesday: 3.3 miles (11:26 avg pace)
Thursday: 3.3 miles (11:38 avg pace)
Friday: 1 mile (10:19 avg pace)
Saturday: 3.3 miles (11:14 avg pace)
Sunday: 5.25 miles (11:24 avg pace)

I did good keeping it easy-paced at the beginning of the week! I did intervals (mostly 3:1, but I did 1.5:1 on Monday) on all my runs this week, except for the one mile on Friday that I ran straight through. I think this has helped keep the runs easier, although my legs still feel pretty tired and heavy.

Sorry it’s been kind of quiet around here. I’m not doing any super interesting runs right now. Only two more weeks of streaking left!

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