Week of 11/3/14 – 11/9/14: #streakfor33, days 20-26

week of 11/3/14 to 11/9/14

Monday3.3 miles on the treadmill (10:30 avg pace)
Tuesday – 3.68 miles (11:43 avg pace)
Wednesday3.3 miles on the treadmill (11:17 avg pace)
Thursday – 3.0 miles (9:42 avg pace)
Friday – 1.04 mile (10:37 avg pace)
Saturday – 3.6 miles (11:04 avg pace)
Sunday – 3.8 miles (11:30 avg pace…approximately…all four of my apps gave me a different pace average because I kept stopping for photos, so take your pick between 10:31, 11:30, 11:39, and 12:39)

Kind of a speedy week! My run on Thursday was the fastest 3 miles I’ve ever run in training (my third fastest if you include races). I went out with the group, and it was cold and not a lot of people showed up. Not wanting to run alone in the dark, I stuck with some ladies who regularly run a little faster than I do. But I was able to keep up, even if my quads could really feel it the next day! Pretty good for having some 17-20 mph winds blowing at us!

I found a new place to run on Sunday: Bells Bend Park. It consists of mostly grassy and some gravel trails through the country in one of the bends of the Cumberland. Hardly anyone else was out there, so it was pretty peaceful! Well, it would have been if my Garmin hadn’t started beeping about a low battery almost as soon as I got on the trail. It kept saying the battery was dead, then restarting itself, resulting in four ear-piercing beeps about every three seconds. I was very close to throwing it into the surrounding fields. It continued to beep the entire ride home. I don’t understand how it had the power to keep restarting itself and beeping so much if the battery was as low as it claimed.


So I probably would have done more mileage on Sunday, but I was about to go insane because of the watch after 3.8.

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