Week of 12/22/14 – 12/28/14: Tom King Half Training, Week 6

I hope everyone had a good holiday month! I will do a post later detailing the running-related gifts I received!

week of 12/22/14 to 12/28/14

Monday: 2.0 miles (10:52 avg pace)
Tuesday: 12x400m – 7.0 miles total (11:17 avg pace)
Wednesday: Christmas Eve, rest day!
Thursday: Christmas Day, rest day!
Friday: 4mi goal pace – 5.0 miles total (10:34 avg pace)
Saturday: rest day
Sunday: 8.0 miles (10:59 avg pace)

This week was a little complicated because it was the first week I was supposed to run five days, but I didn’t get a choice on when my rest days were due to the holidays. (I felt like I was rushing around enough as it is!)

I knew I needed to recover from last Sunday’s long run (I was sore!), so I planned to do one of my two easy runs on Monday. Tuesday was my first speed workout (ugh, seven miles on a treadmill…).

After two days of (much needed) recovery, I did my goal pace run on Friday. I ended up taking Saturday as a rest day, instead of doing an easy run, because that goal pace run was pretty rough (confession: I took one brief walk break during my goal pace miles…I still averaged 10:17 min/mi). Then I had my long run on Sunday.

This week is going to be just as hectic (Preds game and New Years’ Eve), so I’ll probably only end up doing four runs this week as well. Maybe next week I can get back on my actual schedule!

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