Week of 1/12/15 – 1/18/15: Tom King Half Training, Week 9

I’m a little late on this, but it was a recovery week and it kinda sucked anyway, so…

week of 1/12/15 to 1/18/15

Monday: rest day
Tuesday: 8x800m fast – 6.0 miles total (11:00 avg pace)
Wednesday: scheduled for 3 but decided to take a rest day
Thursday: supposed to be 5mi goal pace but… – 3.5 miles total (11:38 avg pace)
Friday: rest day
Saturday: supposed to be 6mi but… – 3.5 miles total (11:07 avg pace)
Sunday: 7.6 miles (11:10 avg pace)

Ah, my first cut-back week! I was actually supposed to take one a few weeks ago, but I didn’t since I took an earlier week off to rest my foot in December. However, the timing of this one was good, since last week was my highest weekly mileage ever (and it only goes up from there).

This week was all over the place. It started out well with Tuesday’s speedwork. Then I just took Wednesday off since it was a cut-back week anyway. My next two runs were plagued with GI issues, and my long run was all sorts of tough (cramps, blisters, fatigue, you name it), though I did manage to the distance I was supposed to do.

But I’ve shrugged it off. Some weeks are bad. At least it was a recovery week anyway.

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