I’m in a slump.


That word can sum up the last few weeks of running.

I’ve had one good run in the past three weeks since my wisdom teeth extractions, which was oddly the longest run I’ve been able to manage in the past month (8 miles). Basically, ever since my the surgery, I haven’t been able to get into a good running rhythm.

Here’s my notes from every run I’ve done since then:

running notes

The last slump I remember of this caliber was right after I came off of LHR training last fall. That slump lasted about 2-3 weeks but I’m not sure of how much of it was caused by the August humidity. I certainly can’t blame this one on that, even though it has been warming up.

You’ll notice that on my 3/3 run I noted that I was having some calf issues. That hasn’t gone away and may be contributing to the slump. I can’t tell. It mostly feels better when I’m running, although my leg feels a little heavy. I can’t imagine it being an overuse injury since my February mileage was so low.

Either way, I’ve decided for this week, at least, I’m going to cut down to three runs: Tuesday/Thursday/Saturday. I’m also trying to walk more on non-running days, since it helps my calf feel better. I’ll reevaluate on Sunday morning if I want to try for a fourth. And then I’ll evaluate what I want to do next week. I just want to get out of this slump so I can continue with my half training!

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