Week of 4/6/15 – 4/12/15: Can I stop training for a half now?

Hey, an actual weekly update that covers just one week!

Not that I did anything crazy this week, but it was my highest mileage week since early February, which is pretty terrible considering it was only 22 miles.

Let’s just repeat, “I will not be PRing this half.”

week of 4/6/15 to 4/12/15

Monday: 4.6 miles (11:21 avg pace)
Tuesday: strength training – legs
Wednesday: 4 miles (11:38 avg pace)
Thursday: rest day
Friday: rest day
Saturday: Purity Dairy Dash 5k and 10k (10:13 avg pace for both combined)
Sunday: 4 miles (11:32 avg pace)

I’m just going to start by saying that summer is officially here! I basically began heat training this week, so hopefully soon I won’t feel like I’m suffocating when running outdoors. I forget exactly how long it takes to not feel like that.

I say this because both Wednesday’s and Sunday’s runs were done in temps above 80. Which is awesome weather…if you’re not running. My first two miles on Wednesday were done around 10-10:30. But, as you can tell by my average, the last two miles did not go so well. There were uphills in those two miles and uphill in the first 80 degree run of the year is not good. On Sunday, I stupidly went out at 1pm, so it was like the hottest part of the day and the sky was clear, with the sun making it feel hotter. So I stuck with 3:1 intervals. I wasn’t even going to attempt straight running in that yet.

I’ll have a race report up for the Dairy Dash soon. That was my speed work for the week (and most of it wasn’t that speedy).

I’m very happy that my spring races are almost over. I’m a little burnt out and ready to dial it back a notch (says the girl who has only had two weeks over 20 miles in the past two months).

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