Race Report: The Color Run Night – August 15, 2015

I’ve done two Color Runs before (spring 2013 and fall 2013), but I signed up for this on a whim because it was so cheap when they first started advertising it.

I’d never done a nighttime run before (since the Electric Run cancelled last year), but with it being a fun run and not for time, I didn’t really watch what I ate all day or anything like that. Actually, we went canoeing earlier in the day and alcohol was consumed, and then we went to a birthday party where I ate a lot of cake.

The run was located at the Nashville fairgrounds and was on a mix of pavement and grass. Probably more grass than pavement. They were playing pretty decent music, although you couldn’t hear it for most of the run.

I wasn’t feeling all that wonderful to be running (see alcohol and cake, above) so we walked every so often but ran most of it and at a pretty decent pace. It wasn’t terribly congested, like the previous two Color Runs I’ve done. That said, I didn’t actually track the run, so I’m only guessing that it was a decent pace based on what I was feeling and I wasn’t feeling great, so who knows.

color run night nashville

Jonathan did make me run at his pace for like 30 seconds and I about died.

I don’t remember how many color stations there were, but I don’t feel like we got as much color on us while going through them than in the daytime runs. But I liked the blacklights and the bubbles.

At the end, we got a medal and a pouch of color which we dumped all over each other. We hung out for about, oh, two minutes before I decided I wanted to take a shower and lie down.

All in all, it was a pretty fun run. I’d do it again with a large group.

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