Race Report: Wicked Wine Run Nashville – August 29, 2015

Amanda and I had had our eye on this fun run for over a year. When they finally announced a Nashville date, we were in! They offer two distances: a 5k run where you get a glass of wine at the end or a 1k walk where you get to taste several different wines on the course. We decided to do both, of course!

The event was held at Tap Root Farms down in Franklin. There was a line of traffic leading up to parking and I was afraid I was cutting it close, so I jumped out of the car to let Jonathan finish parking while I went to find Amanda who was waiting in line for me at packet pickup.

Thankfully, packet pickup went quickly, we met back up with Jonathan, who set up a lawn chair and bought a bottle of wine to enjoy while we were on the 5k course.

The email they sent out stated the following, “The course is a TRAIL COURSE. IT IS NOT on a road/paved surface. It is a hiking trail, so expect terrain that is more typical of hiking instead of a typical road 5K. There are a few roots, rocks and foot-bridges.” A fair warning to anyone that may do this in the future: they made this trail quite possibly the morning of the run. No one had ever run on it before; it was fresh. That means there were not “a few roots [and] rocks”, the entire course was roots and rocks and things that will trip you. It was not a normal running trail (or hiking trail, for that matter). It was basically impossible to run. Don’t expect to.

wicked wine run nashville

The grass portions weren’t bad, just crowded.

We ran as much as we possibly could, but the trail was narrow and nearly everyone was walking, so even when there wasn’t a ton of stuff on the ground, there were people in the way. But this was a fun run and not timed, so it’s not like it super mattered, unless you were just counting on it being your run for the day.

wicked wine run nashville

I think they tried to spray paint some of the things that might trip you.

We finally came through the finish (after about an hour!) and got our glass of wine. Yes, you do actually get a real glass, which was pretty nice.

wicked wine run

We totally thought they didn’t get a picture of us, but apparently they did.

After drinking some more wine with Jonathan, it was finally time to line back up for the 1k walk. I’m writing this race report waaaay too long after the event to actually remember what types of wine they had out on the course, but we did get another keepsake glass at the finish of the walk as well.

wicked wine run nashville

Yay, wine!

We stuck around for a bit, finished off another bottle of wine and got some food at one of the food trucks that was around.

Overall, it wasn’t a bad event, just as long as you are expecting to not run the majority of the time. 🙂 I will leave you with this short video I shot of the trail (sorry that it’s vertical!!):