Week of 7/1/13 – 7/7/13

Last weekly update for a few weeks!

week of 7/1/13 to 7/7/13

Not a whole lot to report on, since you’ve hopefully already read my race report from Thursday.

I did do one other run earlier in the week, on Tuesday. I planned to go out for a couple miles before work, but it ended up turning into a 5k distance run. My legs were pretty stiff, but I didn’t experience any of that at the race (whether that was due to adequate warming up or the Tylenol, I’m not sure). The three miles didn’t feel quite as good as the four miles I had run two days earlier, though my average pace was faster.

After the race on Thursday, my left leg was pretty dead. My hip/groin injury was terrible, and it would spasm whenever I made any sudden movements. By Friday, it was a little better, though I was still shuffling/limping around a bit. Hopefully the physical therapist will sort all of this out in the coming weeks, and by the next weekly update, everything will feel wonderful!

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