Week of 9/9/13 – 9/15/13

week of 9/9/13 to 9/15/13

I went out on Tuesday with a lot on my mind. I had three miles scheduled, and I wanted to keep about a 12 min/mile pace on them. I did really good with pacing, only glancing at my watch once or twice during the first mile. I felt pretty good, so I upped the pace a little in the second mile. I still felt good after that, so I pushed a little more on the third. Yes, I completed all three miles without walking and on rolling hills, no less. Woohoo! I did pause once about 0.6 of a mile in to take a picture of a faint rainbow, but I think it still counts that I ran the entire distance. That puts me exactly where I wanted to be to start half marathon training and just in time!

Unfortunately my good runs didn’t last this week. Wednesday’s run was a speed workout, one tougher than the ones I’ve been doing. It consisted of 12 intervals of 90 seconds running fast, 60 seconds recovery. I did it, but not well or all that fast. To put into perspective, my fastest interval was still a minute slower than I’ve been doing on my speed runs (and on the second running interval, no less, so I probably wore myself out) and my slowest was over a 13 min/mile, which cannot be considered a “fast” pace by any means.

After two days off, I hit the road again on Saturday morning for another three mile run. I checked the weather before I headed out and saw that it was chillier than it had been, so I decided to wear running tights instead of a skirt and a short-sleeved dark shirt instead of a light tank. Yeah, it was still too hot for that. I had to take several walk breaks (mostly to drown myself in water) before I finished the day’s run.

This week starts half marathon training, and I have a nice warm-up 5k on Sunday!

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