Week of 9/16/13 – 9/22/13: WDW Half Training, Week 1

week of 9/16/13 to 9/22/13

First week of half marathon training complete! This is going to be short, since I’m out of town.

On Monday, I went out to the greenway for my first day. I planned on taking it easy, but somehow managed to run my fastest 5k time ever, 33:28. Woohoo! Great way to start out.

Tuesday, I flew out of Nashville to go visit friends in Seattle. I did my first Washington run on Wednesday, two miles easy.

On Friday, I went out to Green Lake, which was beautiful. I wore my Blerch shirt, in case I ran into the guy who writes the Oatmeal. (I didn’t.) I took my four miles pretty easy, walking briefly after each mile.

Then I had a 5k race on Sunday, which I will write a full race report for later. I had been constantly on my feet for days at that point, and my feet/legs were pretty stiff going into it, so I didn’t really race it, treating it more like an easy training run. I finished in 35:17.

It was a pretty good first week!

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