Summer 5k and 10k training!

I am going to be so happy when half marathon training is over. As I stated in my goals for this year, I want to focus on decreasing my 5k time. So after the Country Music Half, I’m going to take a couple weeks off to run how I want and then get started on that goal! To assist me in this, I’ve drafted up the following training plan. It’s based a lot on a couple of Hal Higdon’s training plans, specifically his Intermediate 5k and Intermediate 10k programs, with some changes (like I added hill repeats because I’m a glutton for punishment). The final result is a 16 week program, running a race every fourth week, with a 10k being the last one.

Week Speed Work 3mi Easy Run 3-6mi Easy Run 3-6mi Easy/GP Run Long Run/Race
05.12-05.18 6x400m 5k pace 3mi 3mi 3mi 5mi
05.19-05.25 30 min tempo 3mi 3mi 3mi 5mi
05.26-06.01 6x short hill repeats 3mi 3mi 3mi 10k pace 6mi
06.02-06.08 7x400m 5k pace 3mi 3mi rest Barrel Fest 5mi*
06.09-06.15 35 min tempo 3mi 4mi 4mi 6mi
06.16-06.22 7x short hill repeats 3mi 4mi 4mi 7mi
06.23-06.29 8x400m 5k pace 3mi 4mi 4mi 10k pace 7mi
06.30-07.06 40 min tempo 3mi 4mi rest Music City July 4th 5k
07.07-07.13 8x short hill repeats 3mi 5mi 5mi 6mi
07.14-07.20 9x400m 5k pace 3mi 5mi 5mi 6mi
07.21-07.27 45 min tempo 3mi 5mi 5mi 10k pace 7mi
07.28-08.03 4x long hill repeats 3mi 5mi rest Smyrna Parks 5k
08.04-08.10 10x400m 5k pace 3mi 6mi 6mi 7mi
08.11-08.17 50 min tempo 3mi 6mi 6mi 8mi
08.18-08.24 5x long hill repeats 3mi 6mi 6mi 8mi
08.25-09.01 6x400m 5k pace 3mi 3mi rest Franklin Classic 10k

* The “Barrel Fest 5mi” is on there because I couldn’t find a 5k I liked that weekend. I did, however, find an interesting sounding 5 mile run, so my current plan is to run the miles in intervals: first mile at 5k pace, second mile at tempo, third mile at 5k pace, fourth mile at tempo, fifth mile at 5k pace. I am probably fooling myself to think I have that much control during an actual race. 😉

Pace Times:
5k goal pace: 09:00-09:30 min/mi
10k goal pace: 10:00-10:30 min/mi
Tempo: 10:30-11:30 min/mi
Easy: 12:00-12:30 min/mi
Jog: 13:00+ min/mi

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