Week of 5/12/14 – 5/18/14: Aaaand….injury!

week of 5/12/14 to 5/18/14


I haven’t ran on a Monday in over six months, but I decided to this week because thunderstorms were looking likely on Tuesday and Wednesday. My knee/IT band was still giving me issues, so I decided some short intervals would make this a truly easy run. I set my watch for 3:1 intervals and was off. Yeah, so, they turned into more tempo-paced intervals than truly easy ones. I ran one at a 9:30 min/mi pace, and most were between 10-10:30 pace. My average speed for the three miles was half marathon pace (about 11:20 min/mi), which is a little mind-boggling when you consider that I was walking 25% of the time.

I’m still not used to the amount of sweat that drips off me at the end of runs now that it feels like summer. I think I must be creating a new ocean.


The thunderstorms were holding off for the evening (though Wednesday still looked like it was going to be a wash, so the decision to run Monday was good). I went out with the Flyers. We met in a new location this week because Active Life Chiropractic was doing a free talk (with free food) afterwards. I kept this one truly easy, doing 3:1 intervals with Lori. Note to self: Charlie Daniels Park has about a 0.75 mile flat paved loop around it which may be useful for 1200m repeats (or 800m repeats with 400m recovery). My knee felt fine for this run (*cue ominous foreshadowing*).


Thanks to Wednesday’s storms, a nice cold front settled in! That means the high was only in the 60s! Wahoo! A good thing, considering it was speed work day. Six intervals of 400m at sub-5k pace with 400m recovery.

I wasn’t nearly as consistent this week. I was pretty worn out after two or three. My fourth one was my slowest, but my fifth felt the worst (I felt all over the place pace-wise). Then on my last recovery before the final speed interval, that knee/IT band pain flared up! Owww! I had to stop and stretch. I finished out the run, really monitoring my form on the last interval to make sure I wasn’t doing anything weird with all the fatigue bogging me down.

Here are my interval times: 2:05.7, 2:10.2, 2:08.5, 2:13.4, 2:07.9, and 2:00.6 (speedy speederson!).

I think I might go out to the track next time to see if that helps with consistency.


After taking Friday off, my knee felt better on Saturday morning so I went out for an easy 3:1 interval run. Yeah. I got about 1.25 miles in and the pain was too much. Actually I’m not even sure you can describe it as pain. It’s like this stiffness that makes me feel like I can’t bend my knee properly.

Frustrated and disappointed, I went home and gorged on some McDonald’s.

I don’t know if it is IT band syndrome or if I just messed up my knee when I fell on the trail a couple weeks ago. It certainly never bothered me before that and I haven’t been doing crazy mileage since the half, so I really doubt it’s an overuse issue.

I decided I was going to take the next week off and do every hip/IT band stretch/exercise I could think of and maybe then go see the physical therapist and/or the doctor. Sigh.

2 thoughts on “Week of 5/12/14 – 5/18/14: Aaaand….injury!

  1. I have IT band problems and it’s basically what you described: it hurts really badly when I attempt to bend my knee and the longer I run the worse it gets until I just can’t run anymore. Walking also made it worse–once I started to walk, that was it, there was no going back to running.

    If you find the miracle cure, please let me know.

    • Yeah, I can feel it start to get stiff while running but as soon as I take a walk break, it’s over. It’s nearly impossible to run after that. Sounds like the same thing. So sad. 😦

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