Welcome to the second half of the year…

Happy Independence Day!

I’ll have a full recap of my fourth of July race up shortly, but for now I just want to map out what the rest of the year looks like for me running-wise:

  • July: training for the Smyrna Parks 5k at the beginning of August
  • August: training for the Franklin Classic 10k at the beginning of September
  • September through mid-October: starting low heart rate training to develop a strong aerobic base for half marathon training
  • mid-October through mid-November: 33 day running streak planned while continuing low heart rate training
  • mid-November through December: training starts for half marathons #3 and #4!

And just for fun, here’s my negative splits from the easy five miler I did on Wednesday. I wasn’t actually trying to get negative splits; I just have a tendency to run that way. If you had asked me what I thought my splits would be before I looked at my stats, I would have said the third mile would be the fastest, since there was a huge downhill, and no way that mile four with its uphills would be faster.
negative splits!

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