Fourth of July Weekend!

This has nothing to do with running, but I had a great weekend filled with lots of summery things!

Music City July 4th packet pickup

My weekend started on Thursday after work. My first stop was packet pickup for the race on Friday. There was quite a line, but I eventually made it through and was a little late to meet my friend Jessica for margaritas. She moved to Georgia back in January, so it was awesome to see her. We went to my house afterwards so she could play with my cats, then it was off to bed so I could get a few hours sleep before the race.

Dinner at Rosepepper

Friday morning was race day, which I will go into detail on later. The main thing I will say is it is not a good idea to drink margaritas the night before a race in the sun.

Lunch was spent at Jonathan’s parents’ house where they grilled out, and we watched the Germany-France game.

We kind of lazed about for awhile after that, but eventually got up and went for a walk at Moss-Wright park. They were gearing up for their firework festivities that night, and it was fun to see all the activities they had going on. There was a firetruck spewing foam for the kids to play in! I kinda wanted to go back to the apartment to change into my swimsuit and join in!

After we left the park, we ate dinner then headed downtown to find a good spot for the Nashville fireworks show. If you haven’t heard, it was apparently rated the #2 fireworks show in the country. I hadn’t ever seen it before because usually Fourth of July is spent at my parents’ house. If you haven’t seen the video of the drone that got flown into them, here you go (this is 17 out of 27 minutes of the show):

We met up with my friends Lauren and Chris at a bar afterwards to try to avoid traffic. However, when we left there at midnight, there was still probably an hour long line out of the parking garage! We hung out downtown a little longer before finally heading back at 1:30 or so. Zzzzz…


This is blurry, but I bought this dress.

Luckily, I got to sleep in on Saturday! I met up with Jessica again for a little bit of shopping at Opry Mills, then Jonathan and I went to a party at Lauren and Chris’s for our second cookout of the weekend. Lauren had set up a slip ‘n’ slide in their backyard, but it wasn’t working out too well. We finally got the idea to have her lie on an inner tube and have people drag her down the slide. That worked much better. There was also a bonfire. Which means s’mores!! Yay!

slip n slide

I slept in again on Sunday, then went for an hour long run around noon. Luckily, it wasn’t humid, just sunny and hot! When I got back from the park, Jonathan and I hit the pool for the first time this summer. Felt so nice, though I lost two out of three of my toe rings. I scoured the bottom of the pool, but only came up with a bent skull earring.

relaxing by the pool

Overall, it was a nice summer weekend!

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