Week of 7/14/14 – 7/20/14: My cooler weather prayers were answered!

week of 7/14/14 to 7/20/14

Monday: Cardio Fix workout from 21 Day Fix
Tuesday: 35 minutes crosstraining, 4 mile easy run (11:17 average pace)
Wednesday: Upper Fix workout from 21 Day Fix
Thursday: Tempo hill intervals
Friday: Pilates Fix workout from 21 Day Fix
Saturday: 4 mile run with 2 miles at 10k goal pace (10:56 average pace)
Sunday: Yoga Fix workout from 21 Day Fix

This week was much stronger than last week! I’d like to thank the not-really-a-polar-vortex that came through and cooled us down to the low 80s.

You’ll notice I have a few workouts from the 21 Day Fix program on here. I’m not “officially” doing the program until towards the end of August (which is why they are out of order and not every day). But I’m using the time beforehand to test out the workouts, see how they fit into my running schedule, and find recipes I like to work into the meal plan.

Also, that cardio workout I did on Monday kicked my butt! I was sore until Friday because of it. Burpees, mountain climbers…it had all the rough moves.

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