The Struggle Is Real: LHR Training Kinda Sucks

I sort of fell off the LHR wagon on Tuesday. Not entirely, but my average heart rate for the run was *gasp* 151, which is three beats higher than it should be.

So, the irony is not lost on me, but before I started this training, it was kind of a struggle to get through my runs without walking. Now all I want to do is run without my heart rate forcing me to walk. And run at a normal pace. My watch will beep telling me my HR is too high and I’ll pout and begrudgingly start walking.

Except on Tuesday.

My watch would beep and I’d keep going. And I was running faster than I should be anyway. There were times my heart rate got up to…170! The horrors! I even hit paces of 13 min/mi!

Stop the madness!

I just can’t understand how this is ever going to help me run faster, especially when I’m walking half the time (or more!). I mean, I get it in theory. But I feel like it will take YEARS. I don’t want to run like this for years. I like speed work! I miss running with other people. And, honestly, I don’t care if my body burns carbs instead of fat. I love carbs.

maffetone method

Sorry, Maffetone.

I’m really, really trying to stay committed to doing this for at least a month (to see if there’s any improvements on my next MAF test), but it’s freakishly hard. It makes me feel…trapped.

One thought on “The Struggle Is Real: LHR Training Kinda Sucks

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