Week of 8/11/14 – 8/17/14: LHR Training, Week 3 (Not Really)

week of 8/11/14 to 8/17/14

Monday – Rest day
Tuesday – 3 mile run (151 bpm)
Wednesday – Yoga Fix from 21 Day Fix
Thursday – I carried two heavy lawn chairs for over a mile…that counts as exercise, right?
Friday – I shot a wedding for 5 hours
Saturday – 1 mile run (174 bpm) with non-recorded 1 mile walk back
Sunday – 2.3 mile run with recorded 2.3 mile walk back (and forgot my HR monitor)

This was a terrible week. Probably the worst non-injury-related running week I’ve ever had.

I already wrote how Tuesday’s run went wrong. Then I wasn’t motivated to run slowly, so I decided to give up on low heart rate training. On Saturday, I went out for a “normal” run, only to have it interrupted by stomach/GI problems a mile out and had to walk back. And on Sunday the same thing happened, just a little farther into the run, and let me tell you how much it really sucks to have to walk 2 miles before you can get to a bathroom.

Also, I’m pretty sure the two actual weeks of LHR training has messed up my pacing, as 13 minute miles were feeling like 11 minute miles used to. I pushed to about an 11:30 pace for a three minute interval and felt like I might die. Hey, remember when I ran faster than that for over 2 hours? Uggh.

It can only get better.

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