21 Day Fix: Week 1 Done!

I have survived a full week of 21 Day Fix.

Saturday was my first day, though I did eat healthy for dinner on Friday night as well (chicken, zucchini, and asparagus). My first test was immediate: we were going out to dinner for Jonathan’s mom’s birthday at Olive Garden. Normally, I would order chicken parmesan (and eat half of it, with half to eat at home later) and eat a million breadsticks (aka, the best food in the world). Instead, I ordered the garlic rosemary chicken off their lighter fare menu and subbed the mashed potatoes for asparagus. Then I also ate a small helping of salad (nope, I still don’t like lettuce). I did allow myself two breadsticks (one with the salad and one with the meal). I was pretty pleased with myself, and then Jonathan went and ordered tiramisu, so I had a few bites of that. Still…not awful, considering what I would have normally eaten.

On Sunday, we went to Mellow Mushroom for lunch because we are trying to win this contest for a free trip to Amsterdam and we wanted to squeeze one more entry in on the last day. We ordered a small 10″ pepperoni pizza. I ate two slices and did not order cider or wine. Although I forgot to eat dinner AND forgot to do my yoga fix, so it wasn’t a great day on the program. (Apparently I can’t play video games while on the 21 Day Fix; I get too distracted.)

Monday was meal prep day! Normally, I would do this on Sunday, but since Monday was a holiday, I decided to do it then. It didn’t take that long to make the week’s meals. Maybe 2-3 hours total? My fridge was stuffed with plastic storage containers afterwards.

Here was the meal plan for the weekdays (weekends are too unpredictable to plan for):
21 day fix week 1 meal plan

The deviled eggs were made with Greek yogurt instead of mayo (although they basically tasted like eggs with yogurt on them, so not sure I will make them again) and the chicken parm is a healthy version with baked chicken, homemade marinara, and whole wheat pasta.

I mostly stuck to the meal plan with a few exceptions. For some reason, I thought I made four servings of asparagus on Monday, but it turned out I only made two. Oops. So I stuck spinach in my morning Shakeology on a couple days to get in another veggie serving (thanks for the tip, Faceboook friends!). I also packed the wrong yogurt one day (yogurt with fruit instead of coconut), so I missed an orange container (not a huge deal, it’s just dressings and seeds). And Friday nights are always kind of up in the air, so I ate something else, while that meal gets bumped to Sunday night’s dinner.

On Thursday, I work up about an hour early because I had to pee (TMI?) so I figured I’d go ahead and get my Pilates Fix out of the way so I only had to run in the evening. That made my day so much less cramped feeling! I actually managed to get up early again on Friday to get my Cardio Fix out of the way (that one is the WORST), so I’d be free to socialize on Friday night.

I haven’t weighed myself since the first day of the program, but I don’t think much has changed so far. My stomach might be looking more toned? Not sure yet.

On to week two!

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