This is so boring…

Not running when you are perfectly able to is not fun. When you’re injured, it makes sense. It hurts. You don’t want to. But when you’re in that I’m-not-injured-but-I’ll-probably-get-injured stage, it’s super boring.

My ankle, so far, feels about the same as it did at the end of last week. I’m constantly questioning whether running will actually harm it. So, I decided to go check out my Google search history to see what happened the last time I hurt an ankle.

Google search history is a scary place.

Anyway, here is what I came up with:
– outer ankle pain running
– overuse ankle injury
– ankle strain
– tenderness above ankle
– high ankle sprain
– what does a fractured ankle feel like
– ankle not swollen but hurts
– high ankle pain no swelling
– high ankle sprain symptoms
– taping a high ankle sprain

Compare this to what I’ve been searching for this ankle:
– tender above ankle
– mild tenderness above ankle
– ankle pops and is tender
– cannot add engine to spaceship (okay, I was also playing Civilization V, and if you find this due to your own google search, it’s because the game has already ended…you’re welcome)

There is a definite theme of it being tender ABOVE the ankle itself, so it seems like it could be similar. The only difference (currently) is that I’m not in pain yet, and I don’t remember if my ankle was popping a lot last year. My search results this time around are leading me to the same high ankle sprain links.

Seems like a good, safe idea to stay off of it. Guess I’ll just be playing more Civ V.

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