All 2014 Goals Completed!

At the beginning of the year, I laid out four goals I wanted to accomplish:

Finish two half marathons.
This was completed with the Walt Disney World Half Marathon and the Country Music Half Marathon.

Run a sub-30 minute 5k.
This was completed at the Smyrna Parks 5k in August.

I volunteered at the Purity Dairy Dash back in April and will be doling out race packets at the Flying Monkey Marathon next weekend.

Participate in a running streak for a month.
Thirty-three days of running in a row DONE! Not a calendar month, but Merriam-Webster says it counts. I ran a total of 103 miles!

The thing I’m most excited about now that my running streak is over? I don’t have to document every single run on Instagram anymore! I honestly didn’t intend to take a picture every day of my streak. I just started and then I felt weird stopping (like someone would think that I had missed a day or something, I don’t know). But I was running out of creative ideas for photos every day (and sometimes the landscape just wasn’t very inspiring…or too dark to see anything). Here are some of my favorites!

#streakfor33 day 12: 3.3 foggy recovery miles #pictapgo_app #silenthill

A post shared by Jessica Winn Strange (@jessicawinnstrange) on

#streakfor33 day 26: Gorgeous day for some trail running at a new-to-me park!

A post shared by Jessica Winn Strange (@jessicawinnstrange) on

Now, back to my normal, cat-heavy Instagram feed.


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