Week of 11/10/14 – 11/16/14: #streakfor33, days 27-33

week of 11/10/14 to 11/16/14

Monday: 1 mile (10:21 avg pace)
Tuesday: 5 miles (11:24 avg pace)
Wednesday: 3.3 miles (10:38 avg pace)
Thursday: 2 miles (10:52 avg pace)
Friday: 1 mile (10:25 avg pace)
Saturday: Hammer Down 10k (9:57 avg pace)
Sunday: 1 mile (10:05 avg pace)

I came down with a cold on Monday, so it was all I could muster to run to the pharmacy and back. I felt a little better on Tuesday (and running has the added bonus of clearing up my sinuses), so I managed to make up the miles with a 5 miler of intervals. The rest of the week was pretty standard: Wednesday was a treadmill day, Thursday was with the group (and below freezing!), and I did a one miler on Friday morning.

Saturday was birthday celebration day, so I was up bright and early for the Hammer Down 10k. After that, I got a bit of relaxation and nap time before heading to the Preds game and then out to a bar with my friends.

Sunday was a lazy day–cold and rainy–so I just finished up my streak and enjoyed my birthday for the remainder of the time.

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