Week of 11/17/14 – 11/23/14: Tom King Half Training, Week 1

week of 11/17/14 to 11/23/14

Monday: Strength training – arms, some core work
Tuesday: 4 miles (11:13 avg pace)
Wednesday: rest day
Thursday: 4 miles (10:57 avg pace)
Friday: rest day
Saturday: 7 miles (10:45 avg pace)
Sunday: 4 miles (11:25 avg pace)

One week down, fifteen to go!

You can see that I’m still having a hard time sticking to an “easy” pace, even when doing intervals! That run on Thursday I was doing 3:1 intervals and still managed to run under an 11 min/mi pace! Several of my intervals were done at a sub-9 min pace. Argh! It’s because it was cold and dark and I was running alone (although with the group, so not completely alone…just no one else was doing my pace).

nighttime running

Highly reflective for nighttime running!

I was equally as speedy on my long run! I was planning to run it without walk breaks, but after four too-fast miles, I started taking them every half mile or so. It didn’t help that it was in the 60s, and I didn’t have any water because the park took my water fountain away! I was majorly dehydrated by the end. Time to break out the water vest again.

I also only got one out of three days of strength work in. I skipped Wednesday’s because I was sore from Monday, and I skipped Friday because I wasn’t home where my weights were.

On Sunday, I volunteered at the Flying Monkey Marathon. It was raining off and on all morning, but luckily I was just handing out race packets under a tent for a couple hours, so I was shielded from most of it. So inspiring to see all of those who came out to run 26.2 insanely hilly miles in the rain!

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