Thanksgiving Weekend!

I seriously need a weekend for my weekend.

tl;dr: I hurt my foot. Maybe.

Thursday was fairly busy. We had Thanksgiving with my family in Clarksville for lunch, then Thanksgiving with Jonathan’s family for dinner. So. Much. Food.

On Friday, we got up early and went to the park to run. It was cold. Like below freezing. I managed to get in four miles and also managed to lose my car keys. Yes, I forgot to zip my jacket pocket. Yes, this has happened before (actually, you’ll read about that in my Hammer Down recap that I haven’t posted yet).

That afternoon, my mom came down to Nashville to take me birthday shopping, like we do every year. I got lots of cute new Anthropologie clothes, including the much-needed new jeans that I mentioned I needed like three months ago. I had to go down two sizes!

Jonathan’s friend Marc and his girlfriend were visiting from Ohio, so we went out to Five Points Pizza with them on Friday night. Five Points is my third favorite pizza in town (behind Mellow Mushroom and House of Pizza), but we had their T-Rex pie that night, and it was so so so so good. I hardly ever get anything other than just pepperoni and cheese, but I was in a sausage mood and so glad I was. I also ate way too much and could barely move.

On Saturday, we headed downtown to watch the Ohio State game. I was very good and didn’t drink anything at the bar so that I would be able to run properly later. I did, perhaps, eat too much chips and queso. Like to the point where I don’t want to see queso for awhile, and I love queso.

When I finally got to the park that afternoon, I was feeling pretty sluggish. I don’t know if my form was off because I was tired or what happened, but a little over three miles in and my left foot started hurting. I stopped to walk, but that hurt too. I hobbled back to the car.

When I got back to the apartment, I started googling (of course). It hurt pretty bad if you pressed on this one specific area on the side of my foot, so I was convinced I had a stress fracture on my fifth metatarsal. We had a Preds game to go to, though, so I hobbled my way around downtown for the rest of the night. (I know, smart.)

side of foot pain while running

Sorry my foot needs lotion, but here is where it hurt.

My foot was still hurting on Sunday, so I didn’t do my long run. We all went out for breakfast at Cracker Barrel and then Jonathan and I had a very lazy day trying to recover from all the social interaction (clearly, we are both introverts).

I was not ready for work on Monday.

The good news is that my car keys were found! As was my glove I lost from the same pocket while volunteering last weekend! And my foot seems to be miraculously healing itself! At least, I don’t think it’s fractured. I may still try to run the Rudolph Run this Friday. We will see.

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