Happy Holidays!

This post is a little late, but I hope everyone had a good holiday season!

happy holidays!

The weekend before Christmas, my running group had a holiday party and we played Dirty Santa. I ended up with a goodie bag with epsom salt, Aleve, body glide, and hand sanitizer!

epsom salt and aleve

We also did an ugly sweater run that morning and then ate lots of yummy food.
ugly sweater group run

We spent Christmas Eve at Jonathan’s parents’ house, then went back to his apartment to open our gifts from each other. I was utterly spoiled this year! In addition to a new crock pot that I needed (handles and knobs have fallen off my old one…plus this one is fancy, with timers and everything!), I received “The Notebook” on DVD, Dragon Age 3 (my current time suck), the new She & Him album, and this gorgeous diamond infinity necklace.

infinity necklace

On Christmas Day, we headed up to Clarksville to spend it with my family. I got several running-related things from my parents, including a new Sweaty Bands headband, a super comfy Brooks hoodie, and some thicker Brooks running tights (with pockets!) that I had asked for.

new running gear

For New Year’s Eve, my friends Jason and Becka came down from Illinois and we headed out to the Five Spot in East Nashville, who was hosting a ’50s and ’60s themed dance party. So much fun! (I also apparently discovered that despite not liking Jack or Coke by themselves, I do enjoy them together.)

new years at five spot

Hope everyone else had a good holiday! Did anyone else receive any running-related gifts?

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