Week of 1/5/15 – 1/11/15: Tom King Half Training, Week 8

Halfway through the training plan! This week marks my first voyage into double digits since last April. Oh, and this is also the highest weekly mileage I’ve ever done.

week of 1/5/15 to 1/11/15

Monday: 6.0 miles easy (11:21 avg pace)
Tuesday: rest day (Preds game)
Wednesday: 12x400m fast – 5.4 miles total (11:29 avg pace)
Thursday: 3.0 miles easy (11:17 avg pace)
Friday: rest day
Saturday: 5mi steady – 6.0 miles total (10:49 avg pace)
Sunday: 10.0 miles (10:33 avg pace!)

My schedule still isn’t completely normal this week. (My calendar says speed work on Tuesdays, easy run on Wednesdays, tempo/steady/goal pace run on Thursdays, easy on Saturdays, long on Sundays.) But I actually didn’t mind this rearrangement, even though it meant running six miles the day after a long run, having also run almost six miles the day before it as well (nearly 21 miles in 3 days…I think I’m ready for Ragnar). And I got to do my group run on Thursday!

The last time I did my 12x400m speed work (two weeks ago), I took a full 400m break between my fast intervals (I jogged, then walked, then jogged during that time, which averaged about 3 minutes, 20 seconds). This time I took a timed 2 minute break, only walking. I think this was too much. I was probably completely recovered after 1:30, so I’m thinking of shortening the break when I do these again in two weeks. I’m not going to say the fast intervals were easy, but…they weren’t hard.

My steady run on Saturday went well. I ran all five miles in my steady pace zone (or faster) without walking, woohoo!

I perhaps ran my long run a little too fast. I know I’m supposed to be running these at easy pace, but there’s some sort of satisfaction in running them faster when I have heavy, tired legs. Oh well.

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