Week of 2/2/15 – 2/8/15: Tom King Half Training, Week 12

week of 2/2/15 to 2/8/15

Monday: rest day
Tuesday: 6.8 miles (11:03 avg pace)
Wednesday: 12x400m fast – 5.8 miles total (10:40 avg pace)
Thursday: rest day
Friday: rest day
Saturday: Cedars Frostbite Half Marathon – 13mi “training” run (10:10 avg pace)
Sunday: rest day – sick

This week got a little wonky. I originally rearranged it so that I could run outside with the Flyers twice this week. But then I found out (on Wednesday) that we had Preds tickets for Thursday (wasn’t on our half season plan, thus why I didn’t know). And I don’t like running on Fridays.

The leg heaviness from last week continued this week. My speed work on the treadmill on Wednesday was absolute torture. I didn’t think I could make it through. But I did.

You would think, since I had two days of rest before the half, that my legs wouldn’t be as heavy. But they still were. And I still managed to beat my time goal for the year anyway. I don’t know what to do with myself now.

Unfortunately, around 5pm or so on Saturday night, I started feeling bad. I don’t know if it was a stomach bug or what, but I basically spent Saturday night, Sunday, and Monday in the bathroom. Thus, no running on Sunday.

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