Go away, winter. You are ruining my training.

So, Nashville had another winter storm come through. We actually got about three inches this time (and less ice than last time). But this means my Wednesday and Thursday runs were thrown out because I wasn’t driving to the gym in all that.


On top of that, the race director of Tom King made the call to cancel the half marathon on Saturday because the greenway is completely iced over and unlikely to melt before race time. They are giving us some sort of discount on next year’s race and we are all invited to run the now-modified 5k on Saturday instead. But none of the running through LP Field and finishing on the Jumbotron that I was looking forward to. I understand why he made the call, but it doesn’t make it any less disappointing.


On the upside, Jonathan and I built a lopsided snowman.


One thought on “Go away, winter. You are ruining my training.

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