Week of 1/4/16 – 1/10/16: Rock ‘n’ Roll Nashville training, week 2

week of 1/4 to 1/10

Monday: rest day
Tuesday: rest day
Wednesday: rest day
Thursday: 3 miles (11:05 average pace)
Friday: rest day
Saturday: 6 miles (11:05 average pace)
Sunday: 3 miles (11:07 average pace)

After a lazy first half of the week (my excuses are as follows: Tuesday, there was a Preds game, and Wednesday, I meant to run but I accidentally put two tops in my gym bag instead of my running tights…), I finally got on the treadmill for a 3 miler on Thursday. It went okay and I did some 400m pickups around 10k pace (or at least what used to be my 10k pace but is pretty freaking fast for me at the moment).

On Saturday morning, I met up with the East Nasty half marathon training group (hey, after two years of saying I would join them for a Saturday long run, I finally did!). They were doing an easy run of 55 minutes (normal training) or 70 minutes (advanced training). I did something kind of in the middle since I wanted to do more than 5 miles I did last weekend. This means for the first 2.5 miles or so of my run I had some company, but the last 3.5 I was on my own. And you can tell by my splits, since I was keeping a way more conversational pace when I was running with other people. But I did manage to run 6 miles without walking, so I’m happy with my progress so far.

6 miler splits

Sunday was cold. The temperature had dropped 30 degrees overnight and it was flurrying when I went out. But I did have all my new Lululemon stuff on that I hadn’t gotten to wear yet, which was really my only motivation. I did three miles (and Garmin said 3.01 miles so I don’t know why Strava is reporting 2.9!) at a too fast pace for a recovery run, but it was cold!

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