Half Marathon Amnesia?

I’ve heard mothers say that you forget how sucky pregnancy and childbirth is after the baby is born and that’s why you continue to have children. I think half marathons must be the same because seriously all I have been thinking about since running the Country Music is what my next one will be. In fact, I have started keeping a list of the ones I want to run.

I have to keep a list because it’s too hard to remember all the half marathons I want to run.

What is wrong with me?

I’ve stated time and again that I don’t like running distances over eight miles or so. It makes my knees hurt. But I love the sense of accomplishment. My brain keeps telling me, “It’s just 13 miles. You’ve done it before!” Like it’s so easy.


I’ve written tentative years down on my list of halfs, and I currently have five written down for 2015 alone. Sometimes I do not understand myself.

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