Week of 6/30/14 – 7/6/14

week of 6/30/14 to 7/6/14

Monday: 5/6/7/5 treadmill workout (10:16 min/mi average pace)
Tuesday: rest day
Wednesday: 5 mile run (12:05 min/mi average pace)
Thursday: rest day
Friday: Music City July 4th 5k
Saturday: rest day
Sunday: 5 mile run (11:38 min/mi average pace)

Four runs last week and over 16 miles! Woohoo! That means I’m all clear to start actually training again.

My favorite part of my runs last week was on my Sunday run. I had two awesome songs play (on shuffle) back to back, which kicked me into high gear on my last mile (which was a minute faster than all of my other miles). Then when I got done running, it randomly played “No More Runnin'”. Haha, it made me laugh.

I think I might toy with doing a two week training block instead of the typical one week block. This way I can still keep my runs spaced out by doing four runs the first week and three the second (Mon/Wed/Fri/Sun on week one and Tue/Thu/Sat on week two). So maybe something like:
Week A, Monday: speed work (intervals)
Week A, Wednesday: goal pace run
Week A, Friday: easy run
Week A, Sunday: long run
Week B, Tuesday: cross train and easy run
Week B, Thursday: speed work (hills)
Week B, Saturday: mid-length run

Anyone ever done a non-7 day training block?

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