Week of 1/18/16 – 1/24/16: Rock ‘n’ Roll Nashville training, week 4

week of 1/18 to 1/24

Monday: 4 miles (10:51 average pace)
Tuesday: rest day
Wednesday: 2.8 miles (11:34 average pace)
Thursday: rest day
Friday: rest day
Saturday: 1 mile (12:39 average pace)
Sunday: rest day

This week was rather crazy. Thankfully, it was a planned recovery week anyway!

I ran on Monday (which I hardly ever do) on the treadmill because on Tuesday we were going to the Preds game. Except I forgot my Garmin (Monday-brain).

On Wednesday, I had planned to run with East Nasty (they were running my favorite route – Musica), but it had snowed and the sidewalks were still icy, so I opted for the treadmill again. To mix things up, I chose to do the trail setting, which included hills up to 6% incline. I was sore for the next few days.

On Friday, we got 8-9″ of snow, the most the area has seen in over two decades, and it didn’t get above freezing again until Sunday.


My original plan was to do 5 miles or so on Saturday and a couple miles on Sunday. I managed to get out for a mile in the snow on Saturday (that was a tough mile!), but I never made it out on Sunday.

running in the snow

Week of 1/11/16 – 1/17/16: Rock ‘n’ Roll Nashville training, week 3

week of 1/11 to 1/17

Monday: rest day
Tuesday: 3 miles (10:51 average pace)
Wednesday: rest day
Thursday: 3 miles (10:48 average pace)
Friday: rest day
Saturday: 7.2 miles (11:00 average pace)
Sunday: rest day

I didn’t walk at all this week. Not at any point on any run.

My mid-week runs this week were a little speedy, but since I’m only running three times a week right now, I figured that (hopefully) won’t come back to bite me. Tuesday’s was a progressive run on the treadmill, and Thursday I ran with the Flyers.

On Saturday, I dragged Jonathan out to the East Nasty half marathon training group run at Shelby Bottoms. We started out with my friends in the 2:30 half group, but kind of did our own thing after the first mile or so. We ended up doing over seven miles with negative splits! You know I love negative splits.

negative splits!

I thought about doing a short recovery run on Sunday, but this coming week is so hectic that I will need to run on Monday and didn’t want to end up running three days in a row just yet.

So far I’m happy and excited about how this training cycle is going!

Week of 1/4/16 – 1/10/16: Rock ‘n’ Roll Nashville training, week 2

week of 1/4 to 1/10

Monday: rest day
Tuesday: rest day
Wednesday: rest day
Thursday: 3 miles (11:05 average pace)
Friday: rest day
Saturday: 6 miles (11:05 average pace)
Sunday: 3 miles (11:07 average pace)

After a lazy first half of the week (my excuses are as follows: Tuesday, there was a Preds game, and Wednesday, I meant to run but I accidentally put two tops in my gym bag instead of my running tights…), I finally got on the treadmill for a 3 miler on Thursday. It went okay and I did some 400m pickups around 10k pace (or at least what used to be my 10k pace but is pretty freaking fast for me at the moment).

On Saturday morning, I met up with the East Nasty half marathon training group (hey, after two years of saying I would join them for a Saturday long run, I finally did!). They were doing an easy run of 55 minutes (normal training) or 70 minutes (advanced training). I did something kind of in the middle since I wanted to do more than 5 miles I did last weekend. This means for the first 2.5 miles or so of my run I had some company, but the last 3.5 I was on my own. And you can tell by my splits, since I was keeping a way more conversational pace when I was running with other people. But I did manage to run 6 miles without walking, so I’m happy with my progress so far.

6 miler splits

Sunday was cold. The temperature had dropped 30 degrees overnight and it was flurrying when I went out. But I did have all my new Lululemon stuff on that I hadn’t gotten to wear yet, which was really my only motivation. I did three miles (and Garmin said 3.01 miles so I don’t know why Strava is reporting 2.9!) at a too fast pace for a recovery run, but it was cold!

Five for Friday

  1. I got a few running related things for Christmas. My parents got me some lights to attach to my shoes for when I run at night, a new fuel belt (specifically with a key attachment because of all the times I lost my keys while running last year…), and several SweatyBands. I also received a Lululemon gift card from Jonathan’s parents, so I bought a new top and winter hat. Yay, new stuff! I haven’t gotten to try any of it out yet though, except for the SweatyBands.
  2. Other things I got for Christmas include Tales of Zesteria on PS4 (we are about 10 hours in, playing co-op) and a pair of diamond and rose gold earrings from Jonathan, a comfy new Predators sweatshirt from his parents, a cute new blue top from my BFF, and wine from my niece (it makes me feel ancient that my niece is old enough to buy wine).
  3. Like everyone else in the country, we binge watched “Making a Murderer” over the holidays. Without giving much away if you haven’t seen it, I will just say that I think it’s crazy and the kid got the worst.
  4. Also like everyone else, we saw “Star Wars”. I liked it and am already planning my Rey cosplay.
  5. I occasionally stop at McDonald’s in the morning for a chicken biscuit and coffee. The girl who regularly works the drive-through window in the morning has started calling me Anne because for some reason she thinks I look like Anne Hathaway. I don’t see it, but I’ll take it.
  6. anne hathaway